Informal Collective invests in and supports entrepreneurs, organizations, and protocols contributing to a wholistic transformation of our planet connecting us closer. Connection for us is the foundation for planetary-, societal-, community-, mental-emotional- and physical health.

The human nervous system is at the core of how we shape the world
For us this is not an industry; it's a core ingredient & the foundation for building the next generation of companies. While mental health for instance is a key component we think that the understanding of our nervous system and translating that into products that keep us healthy goes far beyond our minds. This will require a new class of building blocks and infrastructure to bring this new approach into all aspects of our lives not just with your therapist.

Connection is core to everything
We see this happening in every aspect of our lives but especially through: wholistic healthcare and wellbeing, empowering teenagers and kids, fostering our physical neighborhoods, reshaping how we work together, reimagining how we deal with money, enabling new forms of living, amongst many other areas.